Let's get started on designing kitchens for fall installs!

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Davey + Davey Cabinetry

We help you create the kitchen, bath or laundry room of your dreams.

Steps To Making Your Cabinetry Dreams Come True!


Step #1: Book a Consultation

What are you waiting for? This is how it begins!

We can do this in store or in home. In a consultation we would go over what your budget is, what you are looking for and we can give you an idea of how we can make that happen.


Step #2: Measurements

We know, not as fun. But it needs to be done.

We come into your space and take measurements and make notes so we can make sure we can fit everything in you want. (This may be done during Step #1 if it is in-home)


Step #3: Design

Yay! Finally for the fun part!

This is where we go over the design and price we have come up with based on measurements and previous consultation. We make the necessary adjustments to it so it is in line with your individual wants and needs. These changes would include cabinet style, floor plans, countertops, backsplash, flooring, hardware and any extras. We continue to make any changes until you are 100% happy with your design.


Step #4: Ordering

Now it's time to wait...

If the above step is a go, we would then take a 50% deposit and either; put in an order for the cabinets or start the production process in house. Once ordered, we will then be able to give a more exact timeline of when they will be done and installed. 

Semi-custom is generally anywhere from 3-10 weeks to arrive depending on the line of cabinetry and current manufacturing lead times. Custom lead times will vary by size and scope of the project.


Step #5: Delivery/Installation

We are almost there!

Semi-custom: Once your cabinetry has arrived or on it's way we will contact you to make an install date if one has not already been choosen.

Custom build: Once the cabinetry is almost completely constructed we will contact you to make a date to install if one is not already set.

From there if you are purchasing  countertop through one of our suppliers, we will have an appointment booked for 1-2 days after install of cabinetry is complete. 25% is due before or upon delivery/installation and the last 25% after installation. (If no installation is required, final 50% is due upon pick-up/delivery)


Step #6: Enjoy!

We finally made it to the end!

We will follow up a couple days after install to make sure everything is good and see if any door or shelf adjustments need to be made.

If you are getting countertop through us as well, we will contact you a week or so after everything is done if we haven't heard from you, to see how everything looks and feels. (We want you to have time to settle in and adjust to your new space).

That's it! Time to relax and enjoy your new cabinetry.